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Chef Jungstedt Signature mould no.1 -

the mould you need to make it right

The Chef Jungstedt Signature mould no.1 gives the impression of a sphere but it is a lower flatter dome mould that is generally easier to work with.

It still presents a deep enough cavity to hold 3 layers but hits the perfect size of 11 grams. The wider space will make it easier to apply your colors when there is not so much of a side wall to paint.

The slightly wider base will make it sit more steady during transport and the wider top view will present more of the beautiful artwork of yours. The slightly lower height will present a more luxurious bite than a higher, more narrow bonbon.

"The easiest mould I have ever worked with. All of the bonbons comes out good looking, everytime."

- Emma Styffe

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more info about the mould ...

This mould is 100% designed by Chef Jungstedt and as he see’s it, this is the ultimate bonbon mould.

The size of the bonbon is 11 grams, 18 mm height and 31 mm width and it creates 28 bonbons per tray.

Shipping ALL over the world.

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