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Long shelf life Recipes

Production recipes straight to your account!

Imagine having well balanced and tested recipes coming to you each and every month.

Creating recipes is one of the hardest parts in making chocolates and here you will get my newest and most

relevant recipes that we are using in our production.

You will get a new recipe uploaded to your account every month at minimum.

It can be everything from ganaches, bars, PDF fruits, marshmallows or anything we produce in our kitchen.

Anything that is relevant for a professional chocolate kitchen or for you as a serious hobby maker to discover.

The latest 8 recipes will be visible and available for download in you account.

If you are a premium member, you will have the full recipe library available at all times,

unlimited amount of recipes for a lifetime.

1 month free trial - Basic Subscription

Group coaching calls

Let's get down to business!

Let me inspire you with topics that is relevant for your growth, business building, my keys to success

and also guest teacher giving their perspective and thought on specific topics.

The Group Coaching Calls are mainly focused on the business side first Monday every month.

There will be set topics that I chosen specifically for the season and time of year.

Coaching sessions will be conducted via Microsoft Teams

I also have a goal to invite other creators from the chocolate industry to give you insights in their knowledge. 

All video calls will be recorded and saved for you to be able to listen to and watch when ever it suits you!

I will do my best to alter the time of the day when we are scheduling and going live with our calls to make sure the

calls not always are 03:00 AM for you or for another subscriber on the other side of the world. 

1 month free trial - Basic Subscription

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⚈ All recipes are based on Felchlin couvertures. If the exact couverture is needed but you can't get hold of Felchlin chocolates,

You will have a chocolate composition sheet of the couverture I'm using in that recipe, so you can find another

chocolate from the brand you are using that is similar in composition and use that.

2023 Chef Jungstedt Chocolate School

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