Three recipes created like mini courses in PDF format!

The classical Italian dessert made into a bonbon!

27 pages long and contains 58 selected images

This recipe will really give you the full experience of eating tiramisu!

The espresso syrup that is giving that clean coffee kick is versatile and can be used in a

wide range of other compositions.The amaretto and mascarpone ganache that can be

very hard to balance and get right. Packed with flavour and soft texture with great shelf life.

The pipeable shelf stable savoiardi cookie bottom just adds that extra dimension of

texture and makes the tiramisu experience complete!

As always, the recipe has been Water activity tested for real proof of shelf life and stability.

Shelf life 2-3 Months, takes the guessing work out of it.

The recipe consists of three fillings!

The PDF recipe Booklet consists of:

Painting technique!

Espresso syrup

Amaretto and mascarpone ganache

Pipe able savoiardi cookie bottom

Storage tips

AW (Water activity) tests of the recipe(s)

Alcohol free recipe version

List of equipment needed

Printable short 1 page summary version for the kitchen!

A full recipe with detailed descriptions and images!

One of the big keys in this recipe is the pipe able cookie bottom that makes

it easy to add that crunchy layer, smooth, easy, clean and fast!

This concept is used in my other two recipes too!

It is just a game changer.

The espresso syrup is so versatile and easy to make and really gives you that coffee flavour that

will hold up over time! It can be combined with other fillings in other compositions,

it really makes the difference in a coffee based bonbon!

The amaretto and mascarpone ganache can be very tricky to balance and to get right in taste,

shelf life, texture and pipe ability! We worked for weeks and months to really nail it!

The AW of this recipe has been tested to make sure the shelf life is between 2-3 months

easy if stored properly. How to store the bonbon is included in the recipe booklet!

This will make it possible for you to achieve great results even if you don’t have

the exact ingredients that I use in my production.

What is AW 0.80?!

A lot of recipes that you can find for free even that you pay for does not prove it’s shelf life and water activity.

Water activity will determine the safety of the product and how long it will be ok during storage.

Since this ganache has a proven AW reading of 0.80 I know and you know that this is a

safe recipe to serve your customers. More about water activity inside the recipe.

Celsius, Metric system and No decorations

There are no decorations or other technical explanations in this recipe.

The recipe is described with Celcius and the Metric system.




Recipe summary


  • 4 Different recipes

  • 27 Pages

  • 58 Images

  • Storage tips

  • AW tests of the recipes

  • List of equipment needed

  • NEW! Printable short 1 page summary for the kitchen!

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