Three recipes created like mini courses in PDF format!

Welcome to THE Citrus Cheesecake bonbon!

23 pages long and contains 43 selected images

It is a recipe that will bring you great flavors and textures with a long shelf life (2-3 months) if stored properly.

Instructions on how to store the bonbons properly are included in the recipe booklet.

As always, the recipe has been Water activity tested for real proof of shelf life and stability.

Takes the guessing work out of it.

This recipe has been sold in over 60 countries all over the world with 99,98% happy customers!

Now we have improved it with better taste and texture and created a better cream cheese ganache with lower AW than before!

All components you will learn in this recipe:

Cream cheese ganache

Citrus pipeable pate the fruit gel

Pipable cookie bottom

Alteration, nutfree cookie bottom

The recipe consists of three fillings

Storage tips AW (Water activity) tests of the recipe(s)List of equipment needed

NEW! Printable short 1 page summary version for the kitchen!

The key in this recipe is the pipeable cookie bottom layer that is as quick and easy to pipe as a normal ganache.

This will help you achieve super clean results with flat and clean layers and you will be able to work super fast and have the perfect taste and mouthfeel in the end product.

You will also receive a few tips and tricks. I want to make sure you really understand the

recipe that I’m handing over to you.

Not understanding the recipe might not give you the end results that we all want you to achieve.

Therefore the recipe is longer and more detailed than what you might be used to.

I have brought a few alternatives to the recipe, if you are not able to buy or get hold of a

few of the ingredients that I use.

This will make it possible for you to achieve great results even if you don’t have the exact ingredients

that I use in my production.

Celsius, Metric system and No decorations

There are no decorations or other technical explanations in this recipe.

The recipe is described with Celcius and the Metric system.




Recipe summary


  • 4 Different recipes

  • 23 Pages

  • 43 Images

  • Nut free alternate recipes

  • Storage tips

  • AW tests of the recipes

  • List of equipment needed

  • NEW! Printable short 1 page summary for the kitchen!

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