Learn every step to create professional, well tasting fillings with a great shelf life, texture and workability!

Welcome to the course that will transform your world of bonbon fillings forever!

"It can be incredibly frustrating when you've invested a lot of time crafting exquisite, glossy pralines with stunning designs, only to later discover that the filling inside has become moldy, dried out, lost its flavor, or turned grainy after just a few days.

It's a true nightmare, especially if you plan to sell your pralines or want to produce them in larger quantities."


Bonbon fillings does not stop with just ganaches!

5 Different Caramels

Creamy, easy to pipe, enables you to play with flavor and texture from one base recipe!

11 Ganaches

Smooth and creamy ganaches AW tested for shelf life, texture and flavor!

3 Crunchy Fillings

This type of filling will enable you to play with texture and flavor like no other fillings will match!

3 Fruit gel bases

Hands down the best way to incorporate fruity flavors to you bonbons!

3 Marshmallows

Create plain, chocolate or fruit marshmallows that are pipeable with a long shelf life!

9 Different Giandujas

The best way to boos the nut flavor to your creations is the classic gianduja, here in 9 versions!

6 Caramel ganaches

Super long shelf life, ultra creamy texture and veritile like you would not believe!

9 Nut based ganaches

Nutbased ganaches will give you a new way of adding nuts with a super creamy texture!

Fondant + Fruit versions

Here you will learn how to make a classic versatile fondant but also make a fruit flavoured version!

3 Cookie base recipes

This is one of the most appreciated recipes giving you texture, workability and versatility!

Learn what an emulsion is!

When you finally understand what exactly an emulsion is, you will never panic when shit hits the fan!

How to control Water Activity

You will understand exactly what Water Activity is and how you can achieve a long shelf life!



A customer asks you:

What is the shelf life of your bonbons?

A question that makes many chocolatiers uncomfortable.

All praline fillings in this class have an AW reading below 0.85, ensuring safe shelf life for up to 3 months, and some even longer.

Water activity determines praline shelf life; lower values resist bacterial growth better. Just 2% excess water will disrupts the balance and safety of your ganache.

Understand ingredient proportions for texture, taste, and shelf life!

Explore a theoretical comprehensive lesson on ganache formulation and how to adjust for consistent results using Chef Jungstedt's Ganache

calculator for precise control of sugar, water, cocoa fat, milk fat, and dry mass percentages.

Gain full control over all your parameters before testing your recipes, this will save you time, ingredients and effort!

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