Have you experienced how difficult it can

be to create your own ganache recipe?

Surely it’s frustrating when you spend a lot of time making nice glossy bonbons with a beautiful design and then discover that your filling has moulded, dried or lost flavour or become grainy just a few days later.

You need to have precise control over the percentage of sugar, water, cocoa fat, milk fat and dry mass in your ganaches, in order to control durability and texture.

This is a very help full tool for all you praline makers our there that want to work with precision.

"His ganache calculator has allowed me the freedom to be so creative in the kitchen

with new flavor inspirations."

- Erika Jensen

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Chef Jungstedts personal ganache calculator

is used every day in the production!

This Ganache calculator gives you the a freedom to easily calculate and adjust your recipes and also get maximum control over how much ganache you want to get out of the recipe.

This gives you full control over all parameters before you even start mixing the filling. It saves time and raw materials as you get basically perfect results every time!

The ganache calculator also gives the capability to recalculate what size of a batch you want to make for the day without having to pull out a manual calculator to re-calculate each and every ingredient.

This calculator will ask you what size of a batch you want for the day and then re-calculates the volumes without breaking the structure of the recipe.

What is included:

Chef Jungstedts Ganache Calculator (Excel file that works with Microsoft Excel)

30 min instruction film how to use the Ganache calculator.

Step by step PDF how to use the Calculator

A basic Ganache Formulation PDF

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