Learn how to achieve perfect gloss every time and create stunning design suited for a real business!

Mirror shine and is easy, you just need WHAT to do, WHEN!

Learn how to quickly and efficiently spray multiple moulds, temper colors using three different clean and easy methods, maintain tempered colors for hours, achieve maximum gloss without the need for polishing

and learn to follow our perfect release routine!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced chocolatier, our praline course is designed to help you overcome your frustration and understand why and how to achieve perfect results consistently.


Decor and gloss is cruical to stand out as a business!

Equipment Guide

This is a guide of what we need for this class and what you should invest in for your kitchen!

Polishing is a waste of time!

In this class you will learn to work clean to the point that you dont have to polish your moulds!

Air brush or spray gun?!

Here you will understand when and why to use air brush or spray gun. Both have their benefits!

Common gloss issues..

I will teach you all the things that will create gloss issues and how to avoid them!

30+ Decor techniques

I cover over 30 beautiful decor techniques that is suited for a business! They are scalable! ;)

Temper cocoa butter in 3 ways!

Different volumes demans different techniques!

And keep your colors in temper four hours!

Mould and color choice

The choice of color, design and mould is very important to create clean lasting impressions!

Brushes and tools!

We use a wide range of brushes and I will show you my best ones that I recommend you buying!

Spray gun techniques and setting

With an air brush or a spray gun, you can do so much more than just spraying a full coverage!


This is THE most important aspect you have to take in consideration when trying to achieve perfect gloss!

Perfect shells

Perfect shell thickness and structure will greatly impact the release and your gloss! I will show you!

Cocoa butter silk

What it is and why it is a game changer for any serious business!

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You have probably seen some pretty cool designs online?!

Well, designing chocolates and making it into a business demands a different approach than trying to create the coolest design on Instagram.

You need to find the balance between what the finished product looks like and how much effort and time you have to put in to make it happen.

You will soon realize that the most labor-intensive designed bonbons are not the ones that will sell the most.

You will find that customers buy with their eye for sure, but mostly they want to enjoy the flavors they like. If you can create the ultimate gloss

and some easy-to-make, clean, and appetizing designs for your bonbons, that is where you will hit the home run!

In this course, you will learn how to create perfect gloss even when you are scaling up since it will demand different workflows and techniques.

Course structure

Our program is designed to provide you with the utmost convenience and flexibility. With our pre-recorded course, you can learn at your own

pace and revisit any topic whenever you need to.

By offering a pre-recorded course that’s available 24/7 and at your own pace, we aim to provide you with the ultimate learning experience that’s

tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prefer to learn early in the morning or late at night, our program is always there for you.

Support as a online student

Our Facebook group is dedicated to providing a supportive community exclusively for online course students just like you.

In our group, you’ll have access to personalised support from both myself and almost a thousand other students.

You’ll never have to feel alone!

Enroll to our online classes and join our facebook community today!

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